That wouldn’t be the first. As for it being the “best”, here’s the specs: Also, there’s another drive They are all straight swaps. A great utility for file management and everything, but it is not free

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You can use a T4x burner as well and it is also a straight swap but the bezel is curved, so it will not be flush with the chassis.

Matshita Dvd Ram Uj 842 Ata Device Driver Download

You also mentioned “and above,: You are chasing the wrong thing. I don’t have the wherewithal at this moment to do a reinstall of the OS.

As suggested above, try another brand and see if that helps. I’ve owned it from Thanks for the reply. By the matsita, when I copied and pasted the results of my imapi search I neglected to paste the following dlls, which I do have.

Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone However, probably for the same cost, if not cheaper, you could get a DVD writer i. I’m playing with T61p yes, it’s finally working againand I have noticed it’s running little bit hotter than it should. Anyway, I have no way of testing the drive no Thinkpadders I know near meso I may have to just order it.


There are even notes on how to repair it X P79 iM Toy: They are all straight swaps.

It should be on the big label on top, natshita a smaller one underneath the drive. After uninstalling and reinstalling the Matshita, some of the successful but apparently empty discs now report unreadable to Windows. Try to first borrow a burner from someone with a similar machine to be really sure that it’s the drive and not something else.

Why is Matshita DVD-R UJ not working,… – Apple Community

Play particular attention to “finalizing” your disk should be enabled if you never intend on adding anything matehita the disk and if the “test” or “simulation” mode is enabled. The above parts number apparently came originally use with the T4X series. Is it time for a new drive, is it easy to self install, and what’s my best option for a T60P?

And no, I don’t know which program s bypass this API and use their mayshita. I use Total Commander myself. While I have had very few drives go bad 2? There are some parts stores online with it cheaper, but I can’t call now as they’re closed East Coast.


Has anybody on this forum encountered these problems? The link I gave was from the Microsoft site, on a forum therein. Knowledge is a deadly friend when no one sets the rules Whenever I end up burning matshia coaster, the first thing I try is another brand of blank disk. Fix KB Article Number s: Some say they may be more reliable than the Matshitas, although I haven’t collected enough sampling points to verify or refute that claim.

Not sure why they would be missing And I can verify it on all of my computers running Vista and above. In any case, the presence of matshitq DLLs shows that your problem, despite whatever you think, and whatever you may read on the internet, is not related to IMAPI. Which I bet is just a bad burner. It has T cpu and