Punching file holes in copies and Z-folding the copies Number of punch holes: Touch to highlight the day s of the week to be set. The only one off time interval can be programmed. The Original direction icon is located at the upper left corner of the Basic Screen. Occasional memory overflow may occur if the installed memory is inadequate for the copy conditions selected.

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In addition, provision and support of download ended on September 30, Paper Information continued Exit tray Max.

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The Weekly Timer is pritner copier management function that shuts down power to the machine on a daily or hourly basis, and can be programmed Key Operator specifically for lunch breaks, weekends and holidays, or any time the copier Mode Special Paper in Multi-Sheet Bypass Tray Multi-sheet bypass tray accepts the following special paper type that cannot be loaded in the main body trays.

Don’t show me this message again. Open the bottom of the cartridge housing while pressing two locks on both sides, then remove the printsr cartridge from the cartridge housing.

Cover Sheet Feeding continued Specify the insertion location. If duplicate password is created, the number of copies will be counted Key Operator Mode only for the EKC password with the smallest No. Caution Labels and Indicators continued Safety Information The shift tray moves to and fro while printing.


Density Shift Selecting Density Level continued Density Shift Use this function to shift each of nine density levels to three levels lighter or three levels darker. The edited image data cannot be stored and will be deleted when printing job is completed.

Touch the desired job name key to highlight it. In that case, the copier that is trouble free completes the job. TNK Type A. Enter your image data password from the touch screen keypad.

Selecting Binding Mode When copying in or mode, specify the binding mode on the Output Mode popup menu to obtain the desired copy result. Do not put your hand in between the tray and tray supporting part; otherwise you may be injured. Each original in the mixed set will be copied to paper of the same size APS mode or to paper konia desired size with appropriate ratio automatically selected AMS mode.

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Click on [Apply] to complete the setting and return to the Web Utilities window. Open the document feeder. Key Operator Mode Consult your network manager to perform this setting. Machine Information Section 2: Page [3] User Setting Mode continued [3] User Lens Mode Ratio Setting The preset and userset ratios are used to reduce and enlarge the original image to accommodate copy paper size, and are available on the Basic Screen.

In this case, try this procedure again after the machine starts idling.


Page [13] Memory Switch Setting continued [6] Initial by Key counter insert Set the machine to return to the initial state when Key counter is inserted. Page Page Page – Lay out several pages onto one sheet co Locating Title Pages on the Right Side Chapter Chapter is used with RADF in mode for the purpose of locating title pages on the right side, rather than reverse side, rpinter a duplex copy to improve the presentation of double-sided copies. More than one can be selected at a time.

Caution Labels and Indicators The caution labels and indicators are attached to the machine areas, as shown below, where you 7255 advised to pay special attention to avoid any dangerous situations or serious injury. Every touch of the key shifts the selection in the display that includes paper type as specified in Key Operator mode.

Konica 7155

Adding Toner continued Remove the empty toner cartridge. Click koniac the check box of the desired transmission item. Special Original Section 8: Page [17] Finisher Adjustment Use this mode to make fine adjustments to each function of the finisher.

Copying Using Memory continued To display previous job list: Windows 10 April Update Information.