Current Verified fixed issues with Modded rev 2. Log in or Sign up. Is it worth it if i upgrade my ram to 4gb from 2gb, I have a mhd card, will there be a big increase in game performance?? I don’t see the name of royal bna or anything like it. Results 1 to 25 of

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Then install again, and see. Sintia Nhathalia Gray March 15, at There is no official list but here is my list, games that I tested and work better with this driver: I really need some extra FPS’s: Links work, here I packed all links and passwords.

Help with Intel 4500 modded drivers

gmw4500m It works great for me No need for configuration. I thought it was funny that during installation, one of the. Thank you so much. Figured more people would have laptops here than it seems. These are modded drivers, if you don’t want to install them than just install latest official drivers.


World of Incredible Intel Graphics Modded Driver

Great idea, much respect. Good stuff btw, very impressive. As some of you may of read in the general hardware section I’ve been somewhat outraged at my M IGPU, on paper its a OK laptop chip that again on paper 10 unified pipelines should be capable of playing older games with good FPS, yet inntel doesn’t.

Because of that all thats left is to optimize instead of upgrade. I installed the drivers but it doesn’t show up anywhere.

I’m a very willing to use the modded driver. I hope you can help me, and sorry if I’m annoying: Alex January 4, at 9: Mclightning88 April 23, at 6: I got the same error. It works even better, thats why I use teknogod drivers.

Alex January 4, at You don’t have to install them if you don’t want to, just optimize them using this guide before update to latest versionbut some games just don’t wanna work with them Mass Effect. I have no use for these, and I cannot mdoded them, but my hat is off to you, sir. Mclightning88 April 25, at Because I think that’s what I will do. Anonymous June 1, at 7: I found better performance with modded drivers. Is imtel worth it if i upgrade my moded to 4gb from 2gb, I have a mhd card, will there be a big increase in game performance??


Anonymous November 11, at 8: We are going to use Game Booster and edit Graphics Properties for now.

Just one word for u: I can speak only for games that I tested, that I wrote about in this blog, and all of them except work, can start or be played. D Wany November 26, at I’ll upload the revised driver later, time for me to grab some sleep now.

Yair van der Wieken February 20, at 7: