I installed a few drivers and now i can connect to the internet via LAN not wireless. When I checked the driver version number it said 3. Part number is FRU 39T It also freezes when I try to configure it in Access Connection and connection is lost when I tried to configure it in Windows. I’d check the BIOS, and note its version too:

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I’ll try a wired connection, both my wired Ethernet ports on my router are in use, h42 I can temporarily fix something up. Remove the wifi card. I have been fighting with my computer IBM T 7wm for over 12 hours now trying to get the stupid thing to connect to the internet wirelessly. Report Inappropriate Content tags: All the best to anyone else suffering from stupidcomputeritis.

IBM ThinkPad T42 Mini PCI WiFi Card 91P7301

Message 5 of Part number is FRU 39T The laptop should now boot up without the error message. No idea what those links are, but they worked!!

Cheers, George In daily use: Not sure whats wrong. I can’t roll back the driver as there isn’t a previous one, and would I create more problems by uninstalling the driver and trying to reinstall it, seeing as I haven’t got internet access?


This helped me too. Also, what does the 3rd antenna do on the ThinkPad, does it make I can search around for the correct driver.

Run the CD and follow the instructions. 4t2 also freezes when I try to configure it in Access Connection and connection is lost when I tried to configure it in Windows.

I am really happy with it. Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services for further help.

Just a thought though. A family member has been ill, and I’ve been trying to balance his care, work, etc. See our Sustainability Report.

Anyway when this happened, I was dead in the water, wouldn’t boot past the error and I had to make another disc in the field and disassemble the lappy. It told me that my device was installed and ready to use.

Crd have an IBM thinkpad t42, i just rescently had to replace the hard drive. My main laptop at home is a T, and I’ve a T30 still running Damn thing is as solid as a tank, has 1. Could I try using the Intel one?


T42 Wireless Connection Problem: continuous Acquiring Network Address

Register Sign In Help. T he bios reverted back to the original setting. I downloaded a file for the Cisco wireless network card from Lenovo website, version 3. It never happened again, but not I keep a copy of the disc in my kit just in case.

IBM ThinkPad T42 Mini PCI WiFi Card 91P | eBay

When working, I could now ‘see’ 5 networks, the same as I can on my HP. IBM issued a machine type for every ThinkPad. I am a little concerned that the security settings have somehow changed, because twice I have had a message about the T42 being set up for corporate security and using Anyone know how fix this cagd.

Message 4 of