Right-click on a port and select properties. It seems that it is a device problem, not adapter! He has taught electronics http: Hi, I’m new around here, I’ve just started investigating the possibility of building a CNC router or mill. Reply Use magic Report.

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Indyaner on Oct 06, Latest OTA is applied Any idea?

New Beeprog 2 disappointment. Unless you change it back on an XP system and never use it on a newer system that gets regular updates, the FTDI driver will get installed and screw the chip over again.

After losing 2 laptops to misfortune and shop dust we no longer use them for anything in the shop.

USB to IEEE1284 Printer Adapter (1.8m)

When I called them, they told me that this was the reason that I should buy a “special” computer from them, as they know it is difficult to buy a PC with these requirements now. Points Rules Reply post To last page. GQ-4X support hsb 1.


GQ-4X and Windows 10? GQ 4x on 16FA. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Device support for 25B64BS.

MCUmall EPROM BIOS Chip Burner Forum – True USB Willem Programmer (GQ-2X, GQ-3X, GQ-4X)

Don’t think for a moment FTDI is a saint. Old GQ-2X and 27c question. While I understand that this is likely to be a hobby machine, most industrial udb systems don’t live beyond 15 years MAX without some major form of upgrade.

Oh, and by the way if you remove isb driver and then point it at the driver held in the Arduino IDE it all magically comes back to life. GQ 4×4 no longer reading properly solved-ish. Are they not dedicated to keeping up to date? A USB would be a total down grade, not an upgrade for a system like this! Two nanos fully functionally now used the manual. Psop56 adapter problems just bought. How ussb add pic16c54 of pic16f ADP doesn’t work w M Checking new software on server.

Windows 7 IT Pro.

USB to Parallel 1284 Converter

Batch of AM29fbec Verify issue. You can un-brick the device with the MProg3. Windows systems that are years out of date jsb unobtainable new, as well as a parallel port that most PC’s no longer come with. GQ4X dead after writing 6 chips And that would create a problem for a parallel port interface as well. It is always important to remember that there are usually good reasons for why things are the way there are.


GQ-4X on Windows 10 64 bit – update sticky. My current computer is a laptop with USB ports only. GQ-3X – Hardware out of sync. So I’m going to trow away some things.

After a while we only remember that there was some kind of trouble with FTDI and we should avoid them.