Edrick September 10th, The P C is ideal for applications requiring production of full-color plastic cards. Edrick Premium Member Sep Edrick I aspire to tell the story of a lifetime Premium Member join: For high image quality, reliable operation, and easy to use card printing solutions, Eltron card printers from Zebra Technologies offer the industry’s broadest product line of printers, options, accessories and supplies.

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Eltron card printers – PC Card printer for ID and access control cards

From what I’ve read and even on Zebras site it says you can downgrade the firmware on their printers. I need advice from someone whos been in this exact situation. I was checking FleaBay which is where I got the printer for some busted ones, but no dice.

Edrick Premium Member Sep 5: Friend bragging about 10 year old car with really low mileag [ Automotive ] by IowaCowboy I’ve tried installing the Zebra who bought out Eltron however windows can never find the driver.

Unfortunately it seems upgrading croaked it. I suppose I could always try to sell this one for parts and hopefully make enough to get another used one. Rental car lied [ Automotive ] by Jan Janowski. When I specify a driver location it just says it can’t find the driver. I went from at least being able to print a test card and talk to the printer along with being able to print out at least a yellow outline printer thought it was a monocrome driver to bupkis now as the printer spins the wheels in the wrong direction.


P310/P310C Card Printer Support

Buying for the Government? What connection are you using USB or Parallel? Edrick September 10th, I do know it was fully functional aside from the driver not working, a few questions for you.

Unfortunately at this point I’m stuck with the 3. Command wise if there’s anything that might get me somewhere. The P C is ideal for applications requiring production of full-color plastic cards. All units ship with product documentation.

That means you can issue personalized cards on the spot. The P is truly user-friendly. Just talked to Zebra said it’ll need a new logic board, at least their service is here in America and it was a one minute call and knew off the bat elrton I was talking about.

Trying to figure out how to downgrade it. Do you happen to know anything about the programmers reference? Who implements a system where you can upgrade the firmware without having any checks to make sure it’s correct?


Return to Previous Page. For GSA ordering assistance, call So I’m out that cash until I can find a replacement logic board.

Zebra Eltron Pc ID Card Thermal Printer | eBay

ID Card Printer Printheads. Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning Unfortunately so is the world we live e,tron. An easy to change, self-cleaning cartridge thoroughly removes dust before printing minimizing missing dots and color registration problems.

Our Company About Barcodes, Inc. Printdr Premium Member Sep 4: Printer ribbon synchronization is automatic, eliminating the need for operator intervention. It still responds and all that but the wheels spin the wrong direction and some dont spin at all.

Plastic Card Printing Software.