If this isn’t reason enough for you to stay away from upgrading the Jukebox yourself, we have heard that some drives to not work on the Jukebox. NET includes the same 90 day warranty on the product that Creative does. One of the best features this player introduces is a line in connection that allows you to record a song directly from cassette or vinyl album and save it in the WAV format. Older Pentium machines, in particular, will require a hard drive upgrade to handle the extra MB of space Windows requires, which means they may never see the upgrade. The Nomad Jukebox is not a milestone player because it is the first to hold more than a gigabyte of space, that honor goes to Remote Solution’s Personal Jukebox. Lithium batteries would have been a better choice for it, and the button lag is quite noticeable at times. Any Condition Any Condition.

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The Creative Nomad Jukebox establishes several mini milestones in the MP3 arena and confirms immediate market credibility to one major milestone. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Joggers need to look elsewhere for a portable player. We Test Drive the Rave Clik!

Creative Nomad Jukebox Mp3 Player 6 GB

Another terrific feature is the search option. So how does one increase storage capacity of their Jukebox? We highly recommend that owners pick up an auto kit not included for about twenty dollars allowing you to tap into the cigarette lighter adapter for the units power needs.

The best news is the Nomad Jukebox not only out points the Personal Jukebox, but it costs less. A laptop bag is another good option, especially on plane travel. Available in Blue and Silver.


Creative Nomad Jukebox C Silver ( 6 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

To search, first hit the Library button and select whether you want albums or artists. Like the Personal Jukebox, the Nomad Jukebox is not a perfect player. What makes the Nomad Jukebox a milestone player is a unique array of well-conceived options that should see their way in other players in the future. The unit comes with a carrying case, but if you like to jukeboc on the run you will want something lighter. By using this site, you agree crreative the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat The Nomad Jukebox resembles a CD portable in size and shape making it larger than most of the MP3 portables on the market.

Upgrading the Jukebox – Creative Labs 30GB Nomad Jukebox

We decided to live with our player on the go, regularly taking it with us during our commute to the office in NY City. To save battery power, the player automatically shuts down if it has been inactive for several minutes.

WAV files are slightly superior to MP3 files, but they take up to 10 times more memory. You can choose to have the company send you a replacement drive directly to your house, preformatted with vreative proper jujebox for a self install or you can order the upgrade and ship your unit to the company for them to install for you. Here you have a variety of upgrade options.


Lithium batteries would have been a better choice for it, and the button lag is quite noticeable at times. July Nomaad how and when to remove this template message. The player is easily carried into the car.

The player lets you navigate easily through your library of songs. Overall, jukebox players give the best bang per MB for the dollar despite their healthy price tag.

As we said before, Creative’s EAX system is an equalizer on steroids. Additional Product Features Battery Type. The only way to get the file format off the Jukebox and on a replacement hard drive is to hook the replacement hard drive and your original Jukebox hard drive to a computer using a 2. Creative’s most unique option is its EAX sound capabilities.

The Nomad’s Nomas Center 2 software is one of the best ones we have come across, with an easy, intuitive interface and a built in MP3 player. For the rest of us, the Nomad Jukebox will serve quite well attached to the stereo system until its time to 6fb. No FM or recording; case pops open too easily; still slightly too large for comfortable pocketing.

This delay may drive type A personalities absolutely crazy, but then they are first ones to complain about the short memory in other portables so it’s a wash.