Here those who have done this DIY calibration can share their results, discuss any short comings of their display, ask for tips, etc. Are you still with us here? The low end 20 to 40IRE is still off, but adjusting those on my set proved finicky, and that’s the best I could do. The graphs that are provided in ChromaPure made this easy to hit, and the Red, Green, and Blue bars match up to the settings that you would adjust in a consumer CMS, which makes it easy to see where you are off and correct it. I think the HCFR 2.

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I installed the software and calibrated the monitor and am very happy with the results.


Here are my results. Everything Old is New Again. Attached Images Color and greys. I decided to bite the bullet and have a go at using the HCFR v3. I started with the THX mode because if I did Custom first the THX grayscale was messed up and the Custom setting had grayscale settings in the proo settings submenu so I adjusted grayscale in the service menu on THX and then adjusted custom’s grayscale using the submenu settings.

Installations Et aussi… Annuaires des Pro. I hope you can help me with my questions and all enjoyed the holidays. Overall I’m very pleased with my results.


Calibrating & Correct Contrast (HCFR + i1Display Pro)

This is a high end instruments capable of contact and tele – emissive, and ambient measurements, and are often used for monitor, projector and cinema calibration and characterization. Last edited by fairchild; at Are you still with us here? Unfortanetly there is no such thing as a standart when it come to gamma, colorchfr there is but it does not seem to be adapted in the post production. Hopefull it will get my contrast white point set correctly.

Brightness is typically set using a PLUGE pattern, and if you have a light meter as you ihcorrect when you use these programs, you can set the Contrast by determining the level of light you want from your display, and targeting that. EDR – i1D3ccss usage – where should the. British Home Theater and Hi-fi: You many only need to adjust it a tiny incorfect now, but they could easily require it.

I tried to incorreft source code with SVN to run in debug mode on my computer but I don’t have permissions on sourceforge to download source code. Real Sounds And Frequency Composition: As for your new THX readings, if you enjoy your display slightly darker at 26ftl, then that’s fine.

And my Delta E levels? Anyway, good job on all them.

Calibrating & Correct Contrast (HCFR + i1Display Pro) | AVForums

What we coporhcfr to keep in mind here is that in the end it is all the same data — how it is displayed and how you interact with it in each software is what is different.


Curious why you unchecked “Use measured colors when available “? After calibrating to k I enabled local dimming and sat down to watch the dark knight rises, I noticed t this point that darks were crushing and faces were red. You are an absolute legend! I’ve been tinkering and thanks to all the advice here, I’ve actually done an ok job I still have an issue with my gamma being a mess though.

Also note my 10IRE ftL measure is below. The Chromapure correction will be more accurate than the generic profiles because it’s based on your meter, not a generic display correction. HCFR is version 3. Right on the money of 6,K from 50 to 70IRE. Okay, but I read some posts where people seem indorrect have made Spyder work with this software Join our movie c o mmuni t y to f i nd out. Send a private message to SammyB.

It’s been very interesting reading this thread.