Install my cards and hook up the IDE and floppy cables. At Mhz, SDR memory provides a maximum bandwidth of 1. Last of all the extra power connectors and the ATX supply. No change in CPU voltage was required. Every is as it should be in that respect. Here’s the command line used.

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Linux Workstation w/ Geforce2 and Asus P4B

The board also fully supports the upcoming Northwood processors and while SDR memory is the worst memory type to pair such high performing processors with, it’s nice to know that the upgrade path is there, using the P4B as a stopgap before investing neetwork a new higher performing board.

The manual is also excellent. Conclusion So have Asus done what nefwork motherboard manufacturer strives to do and create the best product they can from the chipsets they have available?

Dropping down the multiplier to 16 again and increasing the FSB would hopefully give a speed somewhere in the middle of and Quite a few choices for the P4 buying public. The ICH2 takes care of everything else. The Asus Implementation So what have Asus done to the i? I noted that the P4T-E didn’t like 16 x for Mhz. It’s netsork a shame about the overall performance.


Intel would love to achieve a greater market share with the Pentium 4 and the i lets them do that. I’ll try and look at things from both sides when I nework the review so both camps will be able to see if the Asus is for them. The i will never win any performance benchmarks. Click to find out more.

P4B | ASUS Global

PC SDRAM is also cheap allowing you to stuff a system full of memory chipset maximum is 3Gb for little outlay although prices are on the up from this years all time lows! Everything is laid out logically, accessing the CPU settings is easy and the memory settings also have their own sections.

What do you think of the smartphone notch? Given our PC memory and the engineering sample CPU with it’s unlocked multiplier it was trivial to test the claim.

P4B-E | ASUS Global

But what about the i? The mounting system is also standard and easy to use. All that’s different is the chipset and CPU. Intel have been slashing the price of their Pentium 4 processors for quite some time now.

Oh look, the P4B has been announced: With a low cost chip that operates with low cost memory and also provides a couple of extra, useful function effectively for free like AC’97 audio and Ethernet then you can see how a P4 box can be made very cheaply indeed. What was the best tech product of ?


It performs as it should do given its speed. Being an engineering sample with a full choice of any multiplier, what better to test assus the overclocking possibilities of the board.

They’ve taken advantage of the AC’97 implementation in the ICH2 and provided the headers and connectors needed for on board sound.

This allows you to get away with not needing a proper P4 compatible PSU for that connector and just use netork spare molex. Here’s the board spec. The system proceeded to boot perfectly. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. Very painless and nothing non standard or difficult.

To give the system a fair chance I chose 1. Intel have sensibly standardised the area around the tiny socket and physically closed it off using the heatsink mounting assembly. At Mhz, SDR memory provides a maximum bandwidth of 1. Fitted with an all-in-one monoblock which matches the Gigabyte Aorus aesthetic.

All in all, quality BIOS.