It also badly handles the situation where a printer driver is already in use by a Windows application. Remove the E- ring I , gear 27 and release the screw F. The printer will print out a configuration report. Hold the print head module upright with one hand to allow the media pass under it. After the former label is removed, the next one will be printed. Wheel Print Head Module Note:

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R leads industrial level printers in affordability and ease of handling. Cable Connector 64 The ribbon is uninstalled or end-of-ribbon occurred. Page 69 Remove the E- ring Igear 27 and release the screw F.

Roll-feed, die-cut, continuous, fan-fold, tags, ticket in thermal ppkb or plain paper and fabric label with face-in media run way Max width 4. Remove the bracket-peeler aryox from the module. Check the position of label sensor. Dispenser Kit installation 1.

Argox R (Refine Series) Barcode Printer | Gnox Systems Solution

In peel-off mode, the backing material is being peeled away from the label as it is printed. Ready indicator stops blinking and lights up.


PC Bitmapped font: Select the port of the printer and click “Next”. These specifications include pin assignments, protocols and detailed information about how to properly interface your printer with your host or terminal. Set by Windows driver or command. Easy-to-use design allows convenient loading of M ribbon and 6″ OD media roll in under a minute.

The driver should now be installed.

Please dispose of electrical and electronic equipment at qualified collecting points separate from municipal waste. Table Of Contents Table of Contents 1. PC Bitmapped font: R-00 “Feed” button will not drive the printer to cut.

The ribbon may be not qualified. Put the media roll on the hanger holder. Unlatch the print head module.

Cutter baby board must be installed prior to cutter installation. First snap in the right side and then the left side.

The cutting work can be executed only when the software setting is ready. The media is uninstalled or used up.


Argox R Plus Barcode Printer

Check the format of these data. Best wishes, Argox Information Co. Ready indicator stops blinking and lights up. Loading Media R-Series printers can be operated in three different options: Unlatch the print head module by pushing the two green release levers on the sides toward the rear.

Argox R400 Plus Barcode Printer

Clean the print head first, if they still persist, replace the print head. LED Indicator x 3, Button x 3. Check for any traces of black coloring or adhesive on the cotton after cleaning.

Check all the data on the showing screen, if argoxx is correct, click “Finish”. Follow the common procedure of “Loading the Media “of Standard Mode from step 5.