Abby Tingstad, 7, made a number of people in the audience smile with her story “Dance,” since her parents, her brother, and even her grandparents from Battleground, Wash. Travel safe with road and snow reports Go to webcams. Chicano author, illustrator collaborate on animal adventure. While the class’ daily writer workshop builds basic skills, Sontgerath said she organizes the Family Author’s Chair to give students experience in public speaking. PorchSwing Ministries takes off. Bears make fourth-place game. Try to research your issue before posting, don’t be vague.

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She found inspiration to use “Dance” for alllikr final project because she had taken a lot of dance classes this year, including ballet, tap and jazz. My mom said I am good at art.

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PorchSwing Ministries takes off. Keep all communication public, on the subreddit. Spear, Minshew, Jordan, Bean, to name a few. Please log in below. Please choose one of our offers and “Get Started” to become a subscriber. In their final books, the students kept their pictures but progressed to writing stories that averaged two to three sentences.


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I think everybody is good at something. The 7-year-old South Carolinian didn’t know her belief system would be attacked by the slllike when she made a Christmas Eve phone call. Sign up to have headlines and breaking news delivered to your inbox.

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